Miscommunication Leads To This Hilarious Graduation Cake F*** Up

I can't begin to tell you how many hilarious pictures of messed up cakes I've seen over the years, and every single one of them resulting from some form of miscommunication, from somebody's cake saying, "Congratulations (in smaller letters)" on it to "Just Put Happy Birthday On The Cake".

In my opinion though, the one I'm going to show you right meow takes the cake, pun intended.

Redditor Scaarleet uploaded a photo of a graduation cake that not only was messed up in grand fashion, but also in a way that makes anyone who sees the picture wonder how hammered the baker must have been when he took the order.


In case you haven't realized yet, here's what the title of the Reddit post said:

My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on. I guess they misheard.

Moral of the story: if you ever want to have a customized cake made, be sure to write down exactly what you want, and not in cursive either, or else you might end up with a cat on your head.

Photo Credit: Reddit