LA's Smallest Kabob Shop Is Serving Up This Epic Kabob Burrito

Ever had Armenian food? If you haven't, this on-the-go, epic kabob burrito is a unique way to try it out.

Mini Kabob, an Armenian grill infused with some Egyptian flair, is already a well-known Los Angeles staple, and has been slinging kabobs for 28 years. They call themselves the smallest kabob restaurant in LA, but are serving up some big flavor with this portable way to try out Armenian food.


The kabob burrito, also known as the Ali Baba burrito, is a dope celebration of Armenian cuisine wrapped up inside of lavash bread. Everything from the juicy flame-roasted chicken to the fresh tabouleh and zesty hummus contributes to a unique experience perfect for any Californian (or visitor to the LA area) interested in sampling a variety of Armenian fare in one meal.

The joint is owned by the family of Armen Martirosyan, who has an obsession and love for burritos that can clearly be seen in his famous Instagram account, Nation's Best Burritos. He actually described his kabob burrito to us in an episode of our podcast, the Katchup. Armen made the burrito as a tribute to both his Armenian roots and his love for burritos, and it shows when you take a look at detail put into the construction of this bad boy.

As a huge fan of cool fusion burritos like this and an even bigger fan of tabouleh, I'm definitely going to be at Mini Kabob soon to try this out for myself.