How To Magically Make Potato Chips In The Microwave

Regular potato chips just not doing it for you lately? Give your taste buds a break from basic spuds and make your own. Even better, you can easily prepare them in a microwave!

Grab a potato (or potatoes) of any size, wash, and slice up into extremely thin slices over a cutting board--the thinner the chip, the better it will cook. After you've chopped up the entirety of the potato, pat down the slices with a napkin or paper towel until they're no longer damp. Then, toss them all onto a microwave-safe dish.



To spice things up, sprinkle seasoning, salt, or perhaps, seasoned salt, over the chips before popping the plate into the microwave for three to five minutes. You also avoid the entire frying portion typically involved with creating crunchy chips (yes, they get crunchy in the microwave!).

See? Those extra few minutes of you not being a couch potato will leave both you and tummy satisfied.