You Can Now Apply To Be A Michelin Guide Restaurant Inspector

Ever wonder how the Michelin Guide comes out with its massive list of Michelin-starred restaurants every year? It's largely in part to the many inspectors they have traveling the world, tasting and reporting on restaurants in every corner of the planet.


Now you have the chance to join their ranks, as the Michelin company is looking for a new inspector.

As an inspector, your job would be to go incognito and inspect both restaurants and hotels to determine their "suitability for inclusion" in the Michelin guide, which is as much of a travel guide as it is a top international gastronomic authority.


The responsibilities may be grueling to some, though. A Michelin inspector that CNN interviewed said that on the job, you could be eating out for an average of 275 meals, and traveling three weeks out of a regular year. On top of that, you need to have a laundry list of pseudonyms you can travel under to keep your cover as an inspector intact.

The official qualifications to be a part of this job are tough. At minimum, you need a bachelor's degree in culinary, food studies, hospitality management, plus ten or more years in the hotel, restaurant, or another relevant industry, and the ability travel regularly while working lots of evenings.

If that all sounds fine to you, though, and you meet the requirements for this position, then definitely give it a shot. From the description of your duties, being a Michelin Guide inspector should be the adventure of a lifetime.