Oregon Is Freaking Out Over Its First In-N-Out


Oregon's getting its first-ever In-N-Out. No more drives down to California for Oregonians as the state will finally boast its very own burger spot.

The new location is set to open in Medford, a city more than 200 miles away from Portland. It'll feature In-N-Out's signature look of a red roof and white walls. The Medford store will also feature a drive-thru and patio area.



Image: Google Maps

The grand opening took place on Sept. 9, the late founder Harry Snyder's birthday, and was definitely successful. Some patrons even began waiting in line the day before to be the first ones in the Medford location.

Medford is expected to welcome more visitors in the months to come as folks head trek from surrounding states to try In-N-Out.



While it was an initial concern to open a restaurant in Oregon due to supply chain problems. However, the new distribution facility in Northern California will be able to serve the Medford restaurant.

It probably helps that the Medford location is pretty close to the California state border and right near the 5 freeway.

Oregon's first location marks In-N-Out's 304th store. The regional fast food chain now has locations in six states across the U.S.