Burger King Wants To Make A 'McWhopper' With McDonald's, Here's What We Know


Burger King has reached out to McDonald's with an olive branch they're calling the McWhopper.

The one-day ceasefire between the two burger giants will hopefully take place on Sept. 21, also known as Peace Day. Meant to draw as much attention as possible to Peace Day, Burger King took the initiative and reached out to its burger brother to set an example for the rest of the world.


Sales from the proposed event will go to the nonprofit group Peace One Day.

Burger King has drawn up a concept for the McWhopper, an amalgam of the two restaurants' most popular burgers (the Big Mac and the Whopper) to serve to patrons of the two chains. The hybrid burger will be the featured menu item at the proposed pop-up that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.

While Burger King hasn't always been the largest burger purveyor in the world, the chain has recently seen record sales numbers. McDonald's, however, has been met with poor sales numbers through the last year and has gone through multiple changes and restructuring to try and change that.


McDonald's has yet to reply, but if recent sales history has any influence, they may want to give it a shot. Good publicity can't hurt, right?

The pop-up will be around for one day only, featuring customized uniforms and food packaging.