McDonald's New HQ Restaurant Serves Food From Around The World, Here's What NEEDS To Be There

Every time we see McDonald's produce fire content overseas, the first question that pops up is "Why is this NOT here in the U.S.?!" I guess the golden arches have finally heard our pleas. Their new HQ restaurant is featuring some international eats in the U.S. for the first time.

global hq restaurant
Photo courtesy of McDonald's

The offerings at the new eatery, located in McDonald's new headquarters in Chicago, are international, but not the most buzzworthy. They're not making me ditch work and speed over to the Windy City, if you catch my drift. The first iteration of items includes a 1/3 pound bacon cheeseburger from Canada, bacon & cheese fries from Australia, and a strawberry/chocolate/coconut McFlurry from Brazil. Kinda tame, if you ask me.

Mickey D's should be delivering the heat out of HQ by serving the insane items that have driven the internet crazy over the years. Luckily, we know that the menu will rotate from time to time. So next time it changes, maybe some of the dope dishes from below can show up. I'd hop on the next plane over to Chicago if that happened.

Giga Mac - Japan

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The Grand Mac doesn't look too regal compared to this Big Mac monstrosity. The Giga Mac is loaded with a total of 4 beef patties, making it an insane protein-packed meal. Now if there were as many slices of cheese as there were burgers, that would be mind-blowing.

Camembert Donuts - Germany


Deep-frying Brie-style cheeses always results in massive liquid explosions of flavor. While asking McDonald's to fry up a whole Brie wheel may be too much, we can at least contain the pop of each of these little Camembert donuts in our mouths.

McBeer - Various

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Quite a few countries carry this brew already, and fast food alcohol is gaining some traction here in the US (see: Taco Bell). So what's the wait here, McDonald's? McHappy Hour needs to start happening, man.

Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry - Australia/UK

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McDonald's might have some issues bringing this across the pond, sadly, because Cadbury Creme Eggs are banned in the United States for some bizarre reason. There's always workarounds, though, like making your own version of the treat, right? I'm sure Mickey D's could do it if demand merited.

Maharaja Mac Veg - India

There's a fried chicken version of this that needs to come stateside, too, but the Majharaja Mac Veg is one of the more unique veggie burgers out there that's worth a taste. The patties mix together cheese and corn and come with toppings like jalapenos, cheese, and cocktail sauce. If Mickey D's brought that heat here in veggie burger form, I'd down it for sure.


Katsu Cheese Burger - Japan

Putting cheese inside of a burger is one thing, but McDonald's Japan went to the upper echelons by stuffing KATSU with cheese. It was only in Japan for a short time, but the Internet fell in love with it even faster. Maybe that's enough to inspire a comeback?

McDonald's Banh Mi - Vietnam

Ronald McDonald's take on the Vietnamese sandwich doesn't look too bad, actually. Sure, items like ham and eggs may not be super authentic, but it's cool to see a fast food chain do their take on a traditional item. Definitely worth a trip in the new HQ restaurant so people can see how McDonald's approached the Banh Mi in Vietnam.

Cordon Bleu Burger - Poland/France

Okay, so this isn't exactly the same as the ham and cheese-stuffed fried chicken we all know and love. But it does have all of the flavors of that delectable savory combo, making this a craveworthy and recognizable sandwich Americans would jump at.

Poutine - Canada


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This combo of cheese curds, gravy, and French fries is HOT in the U.S., and Chicago locals nearby HQ have even more reason to love it. That region of the US is known for cheese curds, especially out of nearby Wisconsin. Folks would be flocking to the headquarters restaurant to try McDonalds' take on their beloved snack food.

Nutella-Stuffed Muffins - Italy

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Foodbeast found these while hunting for breakfast in Italy, alongside a host of other pastries. It's no secret that McDonald's considers Starbucks a rival of theirs, so these muffins could be the key to pose a challenge to the coffee chain's baked goods. Dropping these in Chicago could show that Ronald McDonald is ready to rumble with the Starbucks Siren on more than just their drinks.

McVegan - Finland/Sweden

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This one's a no-brainer. You're in Chicago, where veganism is abuzz. The McVegan has blown up on the Internet from day one. People are looking for more vegan options. Don't be shy to show off your plant-based side, McDonald's, especially when the world is clamoring to see it!