Truck Driver Illegally Sold $20,000 Worth of McDonald's Food

Some people will go to odd and extreme measures to whip up some extra cash.


A truck driver for a McDonald's distribution firm diverting part of his load to a Harlem deli for $20,000 is a great example of that. Last month, a delivery man from distribution company Martin Brower sold that amount of frozen fries, burgers, nuggets, and more to the deli, according to DNAinfo.

It's unknown exactly how the truck driver planned to explain the loss of so much food to his final destination, or if he had even pulled off the stint before and this was part of a much larger conspiracy. What is clear is that this incident was definitely troubling for Martin Brower, who has had a business relationship with McDonald's for over half a century now. A statement from the firm claims that the employee was "immediately terminated" once news of the caper reached their ears and that Martin Brower is working closely with local police and law enforcement in their investigation of the incident.

The truck driver is apparently still at large, but he probably won't be driving another McDonald's delivery truck anytime soon.