McDonald's Testing 'Phone Lockers' So You Can Eat Without Distractions

A McDonald's store in Singapore just installed 100 phone lockers, as it is trying to implement a "Phone off, fun on," initiative, according to Entrepreneur.

It might sound like blasphemy, but McDonald's actually wants to live in a world where you to put your phone away and enjoy your food without snapping 43 photos of it first.


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McDonald's Singapore conducted a study that found 72 percent of children, and 69 percent of adults are on their phones while eating at the Golden Arches.


The lockers seem a little extreme. If you want to spend quality time with someone and be off your phone, all you have to do is leave it in your pocket or turn it off. Maybe they figure that every time we take it out to check the time, it's like a trap to quickly check your IG and Facebook apps. If that's the case, the lockers would truly help, unless you're insane enough to run to open the locker and grab your precious device. Which is entirely possible.

McDonald's did leave room for the possibility of expanding the lockers to other stores, according to CNN, but they want to see how it works out in their Marine Cove location, first.