McDonald's Has Two New Big Mac Sizes

big mac sizes
Photo: McDonald's

McDonald's seems to always be finding different ways to alter the iconic Big Mac, like adding bacon or eggs. One of their more viral Big Mac alterations was a lineup of different-sized Big Macs that dropped back in 2016.


It seems like McDonald's is trying to conjure up the success of that trio again, as they've dropped another limited-time Big Mac menu that ranges from small to large.

Rather than resizing patties this time around, McDonald's has opted to change the number of them in each Big Mac iteration. The Little Mac, for example, is what a Big Mac would be like without an extra patty and bun, while the Double Mac stacks on an extra piece of beef into each layer of the burger.

All of the burgers appear to use the same patties we know in the standard Big Mac, rather than upgrading to the fresh Quarter Pounder patties the chain has been heavily promoting for the past couple of years.

The new Big Mac lineup will be around for a limited-time run starting on March 11th.