10 McDonald's Hacks to Make Your Meals Even Happier


When it comes to guilty-pleasure food, there are few things that best McDonald's fries . . . or McMuffins . . . or McFlurries. If you're a fan of the golden arches, then you're going to love these little-known tips, tricks, and secret-menu-item hacks! Thanks to the knowledgeable fast-food experts on Quora's "What Are Some Favorite McDonald's Hacks?" post, your experience at the hamburger chain is about to get a whole lot happier. Read on for some of the best McDonald's tips on the Internet.

1. Get Both Breakfast and Lunch During Certain Hours


Matt Decuir, a two-year McDonald's veteran, writes on Quora that the ideal time to visit the restaurant is between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. "They're transitioning from breakfast to lunch, and you can get a little of both. It's like brunch for your stomach," he said, validating our desire for a McDouble alongside hash browns.

2. There's a Trick to Getting Real Eggs


"If you want real eggs on your breakfast sandwiches instead of the liquid stuff, you can put a round egg onto any breakfast sandwich. Just ask for a 'round egg' on it (same egg they use on McMuffins)," says Quora user and former McDonald's employee Chuck Chan. While the bright yellow liquid eggs can definitely hit the spot, this hack is perfect for hungry patrons who desire a hint of freshness with their breakfast.

3. Adults Can Order Happy Meals



Quora user Julie H. Park reminds readers that adults are perfectly within their rights to order Happy Meals, which come in smaller portions and cost less than regular menu meals.

4. No Onions = Fresh Meat


If you want fresh meat but don't want to seem like a bother, Jay Wacker tells Quora readers to ask for no onions on McDonald's burgers. For menu items like the McDouble or basic cheeseburgers, employees won't scrape off the onions but instead will make a fresh patty.

5. Peak Times Means Food Is Made To Order


"If you're going to the restaurant during even a moderately busy time, your food is gonna be fresh," says former employee Matt Decuir. It's the late-night slow hours that may mean preprepared patties or stale fries!


6. You Can Order Chicken and Waffles


If your local McDonald's offers the Southern Style Chicken Biscuit Sandwich during breakfast hours, you're in luck! According to Quora's McDonald's expert Chuck Chan, you can order a Sausage McGriddle with a chicken patty instead. The finished product is the closest thing you'll find to chicken and waffles on the menu!

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7. Order Off the Secret Menu


Have you ever had trouble deciding between the McDouble and the McChicken during a Value Menu outing? You'll never encounter that problem again thanks to a secret menu item (unfortunately dubbed the McGangBang). The item sandwiches a McChicken between a McDouble, so you can satisfy all of your cravings at once.

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8. You Can Create a Mickey D's Surf and Turf


Another secret menu item is the McLand, Sea, and Air, which contains the components of the McDouble, Filet-O-Fish, and McChicken sandwiches. While this is no everyday sandwich, it's definitely worth ordering at least once!


9. Ask For Your Burgers and Fries Fresh


Instead of trying to trick the staff into freshly grilling your burger or frying your french fries, McDonald's veteran Chuck Chan tells Quora readers to simply be up-front. Ask for your meal to be made fresh, he suggests: "They might warn you it might take an extra 5 minutes to cook fresh meat, especially fried foods will take up to 7 minutes. The workers don't mind much because that means they can take their time making your food and not be as rushed. Just don't complain when it's busy, and it takes 10-15 minutes to make your order!"

10. Big Mac Sauce Can Turn a McDouble Into a Masterpiece


Of all of Chuck Chan's genius McDonald's advice, his favorite hack is the value menu Big Mac. "If you like Big Macs, but don't want to pay the un-Godly price of up to $4-5 for the sandwich, just order a McDouble, but without ketchup/mustard, with Mac Sauce and lettuce. It will be the same minus the middle bun," he tells Quora readers.

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