McDonald's Will Have A New Spinoff Restaurant Called 'CosMc's'


If you're old enough, you'll remember that McDonald's had a cosmic space alien character named CosMc. If you need a reminder or an introduction, the Golden Arches has announced its plan to open a spinoff restaurant chain called CosMc's, promising the familiar McDonald's DNA with a twist.

CosMc, a McDonald's-craving space alien, first appeared as a character in the McDonald's zeitgeist in the late 80's and early 90's promotional advertisements.

Not too many details have been unveiled about the design or concept for the new chain, but executives say it will be the McDonald's we love, with its own unique vibe. While the announcement claims test locations within a limited geography in 2024, the specific locations won't be announced until late December 2023 at their investor day.


The company isn't afraid of reviving old characters after seeing the global success from Grimace's return to the scene. Back in June, McDonald's revealed Grimace's birthday meal promotion and accompanying Grimace shake which quickly exploded into a viral phenomenon.

This wouldn't be the first time McDonald's tried to step away and branch out into smaller ventures: the brand once bought out Donato's Pizza and Boston Market in the late 90's without much success. McDonald's also bought a stake in Chipotle when the company wasn't doing as well as expected, but quickly dissolved their investment over creative differences.

Maybe McDonald's just wanted to jump on the whole "aliens exist" trend by bringing their beloved CosMc back to life for the newest generation of McNugget-lovers to enjoy. Either way, we hope CosMc's ends up being just as out of this world as its parent restaurant.

Feature Photo: McDonald's / YouTube