After Five Years, McDonald's FINALLY Brings Back The Rolo McFlurry

Five years ago, McDonald's released a McFlurry variation that took the world by a storm of chocolate and caramel. McDonald's Rolo McFlurry cooled its way into our fiery hearts in the summer of 2012 where it was available for a limited time. Tragically, it was taken off the menu and we were left with... Oreo.

Well, McDonald's has just announced that the Rolo McFlurry will be making a long-awaited return after half a decade of absence.

The Rolo McFlurry features a blend of McDonald's vanilla soft serve combined with bits and pieces of Rolo's chocolate caramel goodness.

McDonald's Rolo relaunch coincides with the fast food chain's decision to revamp their soft serve ice cream, removing artificial flavors and preservatives from the core recipe.

Patrons can find the Rolo McFlurry at McDonald's locations nationwide from May 24 through Sept. 11.