McDonald's Will Soon Let You Order By Menu Hacks

Photo courtesy of McDonald's

For over a decade, McDonald's menu hacks have become a hidden highlight of the Golden Arches. Folks would order different sandwiches and spiritedly combine them together like the Dragon Ball Z fusion dance.


McDonald's has officially announced that you can order Menu Hacks by name starting at the end of the month.

On Jan. 31, McDonald's adds four popular builds to their menu: The Hash Brown McMuffin, Crunchy Double, Surf + Turf, and Land, Air & Sea.

Upon ordering you'll receive all the building blocks to put together the hack yourself, as McDonald's claims that's part of the fun.

While there are still a plethora of hacks that haven't been featured on McDonald's new menu launch, it's off to a pretty good starts so far. The hacks menu will be available for a limited time.