Here's Why McDonald's Had a Lousy 2014, Their Worst Year in a Decade


We've all had a year that was rough for us. Whether it's as a student, a blue collar employee, or a multi-billion dollar fast food corporation. 2014 was indeed McDonald's year.

The fast food chain announced that it is laying off 63 corporate employees at its headquarters in Illinois. The layoffs are a part of what's said to be a $100 million cost-cutting and restructure.

As of late, McDonald's appears to be struggling to find their footing in today's fast food game.

Last year, the chain announced many changes to their menu for the 2015 year. This included cutting menu items to make for a simpler customer and kitchen experience. However, they also decided to make their customizable burgers available nationally.


Wouldn't those just cancel each other out?

According to a spokeswoman for the company, McDonald's is internally reviewing their main and national corporate structures. We're guessing this means they can do without the 63 corporate employees.

This is most likely in response to poor sales consistently through 2014. Finally, in November, the company reported its lowest sales numbers in a decade.

What's interesting is that it seems McDonald's is pooling their resources into digital technology and new restaurant platforms.

Wouldn't it be better if they spent that money on fresher ingredients?


Fast food establishments like In-N-Out and Shake Shack have always maintained a menu made with simple, fresh ingredients. Heck, even Carl's Jr. is throwing their hat into that ring. They haven't gone tech crazy with their brand. Rather, they keep the same consistency through the decades. Their fresher ingredients are less expensive than McDonald's now.

Fresher ingredients can wait, apparently.

McDonald's Chicago office is reportedly expanding their digital staff from 20 to between 200 to 250 by the end of 2015. Wait, didn't they just lay off 63 from corporate?

Granted, the salary of a regular staff member compared to a corporate staff member is noticeable different. Though the 200 or so extra hires should add up to a pretty hefty expense.

Take a minute and reflect, McDonald's. You're a mess.