This New Trend Has People Adding Marshmallows To Eggs


A new trend in Japan has people throwing marshmallows into their eggs and making omelets. Growing in popularity, the new cooking method yields for a sweet result.

A substitute for sugar, marshmallows are used and added to eggs. The recipe calls for only a few ingredients overall: eggs, marshmallows, oil, dashi (soup stock) and soy sauce.



While tricky at first, RocketNews 24 reports that you have to intertwine the eggs and marshmallows rather than mix them. Think of it like soft scrambled eggs. Move it around slowly as it cooks.

Finding a balance between heat and folding the eggs, one can create quick scrambled eggs or sweet omelets. If properly executed, what you get is a sweet and savory amalgam of eggs that have the sweet fluffiness of marshmallows.

Photos: Rocket News