This Video Of A Mac & Cheese Donut Is Absolutely Luscious

Glam Doll Donuts, a wild donut shop out of Minneapolis, MN is celebrating the opening of their next location with a teaser clip of a tantalizing Mac & Cheese Donut. The 9-second clip they launched on Instagram is filled with crunch, ooze, and hundreds of hungry commenters eager to try it when their new location opens.



For those of you who read Foodbeast every day of your life, you may have already seen The Vulgar Chef's recipe earlier last year that looks eerily similar, despite Glam Dolls' donut not being encrusted in Cheetos (or is it?). Here's a look at The Vulgar Chef's creation from last year:

If you're interested in trying once their new location opens, just stay tuned to their Instagram page for more news.