I Made My Lyft Driver Try This Glow-In-The-Dark Donut

This past weekend, we had but 24 hours in the tech-drenched, gusty city of San Francisco.

Our FOODBEAST Events team had partnered with Hansen’s to host a secret Supper Club in the city, so Geoff, our fearless FOODBEAST salesman, had called on myself and Oscar, our newly-minted videographer, to tag along for the day.

There was a ton of stuff to look forward to that day. One of which where we had somehow convinced the Bay Area’s-own Psycho Donuts to create a glow-in-the-dark donut – so that was on top of my list of fun activities to experience while in town.


During the Uber ride to our hotel from the airport, Geoff craned his neck into the back seat and became dad once again, “Elie, today is simple for you.”

*eye roll*

“Incorporate foodstagrammer @cyneats into your vlog, and get to the Supper Club on time.”

Ate at @dumplingtime_sf like a BAOS ?? with @foodbeast @bookofelie (Top: Taro | Middle: Green Tea | Bottom: Custard)

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I ignored his patronizing tone, almost blowing off such a straightforward task. Mid-scoff, I realize that San Francisco and the amount of Ubering and Lyfting would soon overwhelm me. But who should scoff at a day full of eating in a beautiful city known for its own vibrant food scene?

The result is in my vlog – everything from local foodstagram celebrity @cyneats standing on tables in restaurants to an unforgettable Lyft ride to track down said glow-in-the-dark donuts.

Thank you for being you, San Francisco.