Teriyaki Flavors Meet Lobster In A Grilled Cheese For The Ages

Two Orange County street food heavyweights have joined up in a collaborative one-day menu to combine teriyaki flavors with bits of luscious lobster, on some next level Surf N Turf kind of wave. Teriyaki joint Ninjas With Appetite and grilled lobster street vendor Lobsterdamus have put together three brilliant new items for local Foodbeasts to munch on: including Teriyaki Surf N Turf fries, Surf N Turf Burrito and a Teriyaki Surf N Turf Grilled Cheese.


Ninjas With Appetite has been on an absolute tear with their newsworthy menu items in recent months. Remember their Teriyaki Cheesesteak Burrito?

Teriyaki Surf N Turf Grilled Cheese


Teriyaki Surf N Turf Burrito

Teriyaki Surf N Turf Fries


If you're looking to try this crazy menu, they'll be serving at Ninjas With Appetite in Santa Ana:


318 W. 5th St.

Santa Ana, CA 92701