Disturbing Video Shows Live Crab Eating Veggies While Getting Fried

You can't help but visibly shudder watching the below video of a live crab eating veggies as it is getting cooked alive. Seriously, it's almost kind of sad watching the crustacean frantically scurry around the hot pan for some food.

China Global Television Network posted the shocking footage above, which was reportedly taken in the city of Changsha late last month. The actual rough video, which lasts about five seconds, shows the crab sitting in oil as it runs around, nibbling at the leeks and chilies in the pan in an attempt to sustain itself before dying.

People on Twitter who saw the video had mixed reactions to what they saw:


To be clear, though, this is NOT the proper way to kill a crab humanely. Ideally, the crab should be dead before it goes into your pan or pot. If you still have the stomach for it, below is a video demonstration on how to properly kill a crab in a humane fashion. If you're working with live crabs at home, this is the way to go.