Lil Wayne Remixes 'A Milli' To Celebrate Domino's $10 Million Pizza Giveaway

Photo: Domino's

You might be wondering what Domino's, Uber Eats, and rapper Lil Wayne all have in common. Apparently, it's their love for pizza and the convenience of ordering it anytime, whether in the studio or on the road.


The biggest news of all is that after 10 years, Domino's is finally joining Uber Eats, which means you no longer have to solely order Domino's pizza on their app. Pizza lovers everywhere can now also order Domino's pizza on Uber Eats and it will still be delivered to your door by a Domino's delivery person.

Starting May 30 and running through August 11, to celebrate the partnership, anyone who orders Domino's on the Uber Eats app with the delivery minimum amount will automatically receive a free medium, two-topping pizza.


So where does Lil Wayne come into play? The rapper loves Domino's and is a huge fan, so much so, he decided to drop a remix of his iconic song "A Milli."

The original track you know and love and likely rattled off back in the day will now be updated to "10 Milli" intentionally to honor the $10 million worth of free pizza Domino’s is sending to fans this season through Uber Eats. Gee, what a time to be alive.