Leap Day 2024 Food Deals You Don't Want to Miss

Every four years we are given a fun leap year! The real reason we get a leap year is because it takes Earth a little longer to orbit the sun. In a typical year, it completes its journey in 365 days, but during a leap year, it requires 366 days – hence the extra day in the shortest month of the year – February 29.

To honor the leap day, brands release deals only valid for February 29 and we've rounded up the best food deals to not miss out on.


Guac is no longer extra, at least on Leap Day! If you dine at Chipotle on February 29, you can request FREE guacamole with your order. You'll have to be a Chipotle Rewards member to redeem the offer along with the code "EXTRA24" on the app.



If you're a Leap Day birthday baby, then congrats! To celebrate your birthday, Insomnia is gifting you a free six pack of cookies. You must show your ID to redeem the offer.  



On Leap Day, purchasing a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme qualifies you for 12 glazed doughnuts priced at only $2.29. Additionally, if your birthday lands on February 29, you're entitled to a complimentary order of a dozen glazed doughnuts.

Taco Bell

If you're a Taco Bell Rewards Member, then you can snag a Crunchwrap for $2.29. Be sure to use the app to claim the deal.



Definitely try to get this deal before the surge pricing goes into effect. Wendy's is giving fans a chance to try their new Cinnabon Pull-Apart for free! This new item is only available during breakfast hours so get there fast and its only while supplies last.


7-Eleven has a special Leap Day offer where you can grab any combination of five wings for just $2.29.