Lay's Flamin' Hot Original Returns Thanks To Fan Petition


Last year, Lay's changed the chip formula on the Flamin' Hot Lay's, one of their classic flavors. The resistance was quick as fans were loud and clear all over social media. Those who loved that classic chip felt this was the deepest and darkest betrayal that Lay's could have committed.

A petition that received 23,000 signatures goes into detail about what the issue was — namely, the chip tasting more like "spiced lime."

Lay's was apologetic about this and went the extra step of giving the thousands of fans who wrote in personal apology letters with a coupon to get their favorite chips. Flamin’ Hot fans everywhere can enjoy the Lay’s chips they’ve been missing, now available at retailers nationwide.

Flamin' Hot Lay's are back, The Mexican Pizza is back, you've got guys like Stefan Johnson leading the pack for the return of Oreo Cakesters — this is the BEST time to be a foodie.