KFC Drumstick iPhone Cover is as Ridiculous as it Sounds


If you weren't able to nab an iPhone 6 this weekend and still have that janky iPhone 5s, you're in luck, because you can upgrade it with this precious chicken drumstick case.

KFC Japan's PR team must have gotten together and asked themselves, "How stupid would people look holding a giant chicken leg next to their face?" Then his mate probably responded with, "About as stupid as they do when they normally eat our chicken."


With that said, KFC is hosting a contest where you can win this fowl case by following @KFC_jp on Twitter, hashtagging “#KFCカーナルズデー” (“KFC Colonel’s Day”), and linking to their promotional page.

You might have noticed the Colonel literally ROTFL in the pic above, that's because even he thinks this thing is ridiculous. First We Feast translated the quote bubble and the Mr. Sanders caricature is saying, "Why is it so big!"

This isn't the first time KFC Japan has provided us with majestic chicken gear as we can't forget their chicken keyboard they graced us with a couple weeks ago.


The contest ends on September 24, so you have a couple days to try and win this sweet prize. Heck, you can even win this breathtaking chicken drumstick pillow for optimal rest when the Itis hits you.

H/T First We Feast, PicThx KFC Japan