KFC Deep-Fried A Burrito Stuffed With Chicken And Bacon


While the KFC Philippines will forever be known as the place that introduced the Double Down Dog, KFC New Zealand has something a little less..."loud" offer its patrons. This comes in the form of a deep-fried, fried-chicken burrito.

The new Crispy Burrito boasts fried chicken stripes, cheese, bacon and a BBQ bourbon sauce slathered all throughout the insides. It's then wrapped in a large flour tortilla and thrown into a deep fryer. Though the chain isn't calling it a chimichanga.


KFC is really going out of their way to let people know they like to fry things.

The item is only available at select New Zealand KFC locations for a limited time. Customers can buy the new Crispy Burrito for $3.90 NZ ($2.89 USD).