Jeni's Ice Cream Reveals Brand New 'Maple Soaked Pancakes' Flavor

The latest flavor from Jeni's Ice Cream further bolsters the notion that breakfast can be a meal had at any time of the day. Introducing Maple Soaked Pancakes, a mouth-watering new flavor that makes it okay to have ice cream for breakfast.


Apparently there's an Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on February 5, and this new flavor launch is in celebration of the food holiday. Maple Soaked Pancakes is an enticing new offering from Jeni's that's made using salted butter and real maple syrup.

Also, Jeni's is on a mission to set a new world record for the most people participating in Ice Cream For Breakfast Day by encouraging ice cream fans to dig into some before noon. To be a part of the official count that day, simply share a photo or video indulging in your favorite ice cream using the hashtag #IceCreamIsBreakfast.

To try the new Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor, grab a pint now at or at Jeni's Scoop Shops.