Jell-O Launches Girl Scout Pudding Cups

Photo: Jell-O


Girl Scout cookie season may be over, but you can still get the taste of the iconic Thin Mints and Samoas now with a new collaboration with Jell-O.

Bringing together the unforgettable flavors of two beloved brands, and representing Jell-O's first flavor partner in over a decade, Jell-O is introducing Girl Scout Pudding Cups, available in the fan-favorite Thin Mints and Coconut Caramel aka Samoa cookie flavors. 

A first of its kind, the Jell-O Girl Scout Pudding Cups is a brand-new format for the dessert, including a mixable cookie crumble topping (of the famous Girl Scout cookies of course).


For all you Thin Mints fans, you can expect a cool, minty taste, just like the cookie. And if you're a Samoa fan, then you know the deal, caramel and coconut heaven. It's like you're eating the perfect blend of pudding and cookie crumble in every bite.  

Jell-O released this new smooth and creamy pudding format as they hope to meet everyday consumers fans on the go, without compromising flavor. This is also a contribution to the Girl Scout Cookie Program, empowering countless girls to acquire valuable skills such as entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

If you're excited about these new additions, head to your local grocery store as the Jell-O Girl Scout Pudding Cups are now available in two-packs for $2.99 starting this month.