Jack In The Box Cuts "Mini Sirloin Burgers" During Menu Revamp

During an earnings call on May 19th, 2011, Jack in the Box reiterated their plans to invest in new menu boards that are set to be implemented systemwide in June. The goal of the new menu boards will be able to further facilitate an easy navigation through Jack in the Box's often daunting product list.

The focus of the new boards aims to allow easier navigation, while still highlighting the amount of variety the chain offers. Also highlighted will be the brand's "average check builders" along with encouraging sales of products with a higher-margin. Along with the implementation of the new menu boards comes the "deletion of several less popular menu items."


One of the casualties? The Mini Sirloin Burgers.

Also no more are the Pita Snacks and the Chorizo Sausage Burrito. Burger blog BurgerBusiness also pointed out that individual elements of the once dubbed Sampler Trio continue on the menu (fried jalapeños, fried mozzarella, fried egg rolls), but will no longer be bundled together and sold as a "snack trio".