Introducing the First-Ever Minecraft Ice Cream

N!CK'S, a Swedish-style snacks and treats brand, is teaming up with Minecraft to debut a lineup of new branded ice cream based on the massively popular video gaming platform.

The collaboration between the two means N!CK'S expertise in food science and flavor and Minecraft's iconic game elements will present to fans one-of-a-kind Minecraft flavors packaged as blocks within square containers, a crucial nod to the game's signature in-game blocks. 


N!CK'S x Minecraft ice cream will be available in four keto-friendly flavors:

  • Emerald Minta: a mint ice cream with peppermint chips (4g net carbs; 270 calories per pint).
  • Cake Blocka: birthday cake ice cream with a swirl of strawberry and sprinkles (5g net carbs; 270 calories per pint).
  • Peanöt Choklad Glowdust: chocolate ice cream treated to pieces of peanut butter cups (5g net carbs; 370 calories per pint).
  • Enchanted Äpple Pie: sweet apple pie ice cream adorned with graham cracker crumbles (5g net carbs; 280 calories per pint).

The N!CK’S x Minecraft Square Pint collection is available now at N!CK’S for a limited-time-only, for $10USD a pint.