IKEA Now Selling a Candle That Smells Like Swedish Meatballs

It's funny to get a craving for IKEA's Swedish meatballs, because you know that fulfilling it might have you walking out with some reasonably priced furniture that you didn't know you needed. But besides that, sometimes hitting up your nearest IKEA just for their Swedish meatballs alone is a move that most will not judge.


To add on to the mania behind their lauded menu item, IKEA will now be selling candles that smell just like the Swedish meatballs. Announced today, the Huvudroll candle will give off the aroma of the fan-favorite Swedish meatballs available at much of the chain's locations.

The candle is one feature of an IKEA Store in a Box package designed to reimagine the sensory experience of visiting a location.

This IKEA Store in a Box package comes as part of a sweepstakes celebrating the 10th anniversary of its U.S. Family Program.

The Store in a Box sweepstakes starts off on August 6 and runs through August 22.