Leaked Photos Show Pizza Hut Might Be Releasing A Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza


We've seen other countries get some hot dog-inspired Pizza Hut creations in the past, but it is possible that the US will finally be getting one of its own this June.

In 2012, Pizza Huts in the UK, Australia and South Korea all got to try a ridiculous Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza. Now, some leaked photos and word of mouth rumors indicate that that concept could finally be coming to US stores.


Kotaku is reporting that most stores in the Atlanta, Georgia area have received shipments of hot dog sausages and a mustard drizzle. That coupled with an photo flier submitted to The Impulsive Buy that shows ketchup and mustard packets with a message reading:

"Something big is coming June 18. FRANKLY, It's gonna be a total game changer."



The awkward use of the word, "Frankly" all but guarantees that this is something hot dog related, but I swear, if it's something stupid like pigs in a blanket, I'll be convinced you hate America, Pizza Hut.