Hot To Make Your Pennies Look Brand New Using Hot Sauce [WATCH]


A dirty penny can really be a problem when you need to, like, use one of those souvenir penny machines, or want to scratch off a lottery ticket without getting your fingers dirty.

Whatever your penny uses are, you don't need to leave Honest Abe looking like he just took a nap in a puddle of mud. Give him a nice little shine with some hot sauce and patience.

Yeah, I said hot sauce.

We found that a little hot sauce, in this instance, some Taco Bell hot sauce we had lying around in the office, is perfect for giving those pennies in your pocket a nice makeover.

While we tried it with TB's Fiery sauce, it wasn't quite as effective as their mild sauce. So, for best results, mild is the way to go.


We basically just poured a little hot sauce in a container, let the penny sit in the spicy bath for about 2 minutes, then a quick rub with your fingers does the trick (Maybe with some gloves, if you're going to do it for multiple pennies). After that you just wipe off the sauce and reveal your shiny new penny.

Check out the vid below and try it for yourself, if you're up for the challenge: