Hot Pockets Created Shorts That Have A Literal Hot Pocket

Photo: Hot Pockets

Are Hot Pockets life to you? Do you find yourself in a bit of a predicament every time you try to eat them on the go, wondering how to keep them warm? Then these new shorts created by the thoughtful folks at Hot Pockets should be your next fashion choice.


The reason these Hot Pockets Shorts are perfect for Hot Pocket aficionados is because they literally feature a hot pocket — meaning there's a pocket built in that will keep your Hot Pockets, well, hot. This is all possible through an insulated cargo pocket that keeps your precious cargo warm and toasty.

These Hot Pockets Shorts are paired with a matching hoodie and were created in collaboration with Columbus Fashion Alliance (CFA), a coalition of creatives, entrepreneurs, civic partners, community, and industry leaders.

Convinced to cop? Then head to on December 12, where the limited edition Hot Pockets Shorts and hoodie will be available AT NO COST while supplies last and will include one coupon redeemable for one Hot Pockets sandwich.