Here's How Spoonfuls Of This Spicy Chili Oil Challenge Donates To A Good Cause

Photo: Hot Jiang

Hot Jiang, a brand new spicy chili oil on the market started by Kelly Mi Li from Netflix's Bling Empire, is representing and celebrating the AAPI community in a unique way — through a spicy challenge.


Dubbed the #HotJiangChallenge, the premise is to test the spice tolerance of participants, all for a noble cause. For every spoonful of Hot Jiang sauce you eat (no water, or else it wouldn't be a challenge, right?), $10 will go towards the AAPI charity, Golden Voice Society.  Kelly herself will personally donate and match each challenge up to $50 to Golden Voice Society in your name to support the cause.

Simply upload your efforts to social media with the hashtag #HotJiangChallenge to get in on it.

Hot Jiang has three spice levels to choose from — Mild Spicy, O.G. Spicy, and Extra Spicy — so choose carefully to see if you can handle the heat and the challenge.