Honey Infographic is Good News for Men with Low Sperm Count, People With Allergies


With spring in full bloom (LOL SEASONAL PUNS), most of us know pollen can affect allergies. But did you know it can increase sperm count? And honey can help alleviate those allergy symptoms that pollen kicked into high gear. And beeswax can basically give you super powers, assuming you consider the ability to see in low light superhuman.

This "Bees & Honey" infographic by S_Gracey shows us the benefits of the main products produced from the hive, from "Royal Jelly" (aka bougie food that only the queen bee gets to eat) to pollen. Once you're done exploring the numerous ways honey can improve your health and overall well-being, you'll probably want to keep a jar of it on deck 24/7.


P.S click here for a larger version.

Health Benefits of Honey

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