Homemade True Blood Because A Good Neck Is Hard To Find

To all the Truebies, Twihards, and vampire enthusiasts: let's be honest, a good neck is hard to find. Fresh blood is scarce these days. And the show True Blood's official drink, which isn't sold in the HBO Store anymore, is waaaaay too expensive everywhere else. So what's a true fan to do?

Make your own "blood" of course!


For this recipe from the page-to-platers at Fictional Food, you start with their original 'V' recipe, which is basically strained berry puree. It's disgustingly viscous and surprisingly delicious!

Then, you dilute that with Cran-Grape juice at a 1-1 ratio, like O Negative Lite. Pour the vital fluid into an empty bottle and paste on these handy labels. All the flavor without the bite.