Hidden Valley Creates an Actual Diamond Made of Ranch

Ranch is one of the most universally loved condiments, with its supporters touting that it would literally go well with anything. Now when they say anything, did they have in mind precious jewels? Probably not. But thanks to Hidden Valley Ranch creating an actual diamond made from ranch, that's now an odd and unlikely reality.


Just in time for National Ranch Day today, Hidden Valley Ranch introduces The Ranch Diamond, a genuine 2 carat round brilliant cut diamond. It was created by a professional diamond maker in a lab by heating Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning to 2,500 degrees, then crushing the output beneath 400 tons of pressure, a process that took a total of five months. The Ranch Diamond was then set in a 14K white gold band with “HVR LVR” engraved on the inside.

With ranch in the mix, it gives a whole new meaning to 'precious jewels'.

Die-hard ranch fans can bid on the ring from March 10 to March 17 at Bidding will begin today at $310 in honor of National Ranch Day. What's great to note is that all proceeds from The Ranch Diamond will be donated to Feeding America, with every dollar raised helping provide at least 10 meals.