Here's How To Make A Perfect Brass Monkey (aka "Beermosa")

This past weekend’s weather was total garbage. The rain lead to boredom, and boredom lead to drinking. So naturally we did what anyone else would, and decided to make a couple of Brass Monkeys. As shocking as it sounds this was actually my first time drinking one of these.

Continue reading to watch me loose my Brass Monkey virginity.

The ingredients to make a brass monkey are insanely easy. I feel dumb even making a supply list.

  • 1 Olde English “800″ 40oz Malt Liquor (you know, the good stuff)
  • 1 12oz Bottle of Tropicana Orange Juice


That’s it.


Ok now what you’re going to want to do is drink the 40 oz till the top of the label. This was by far the worst step making this drink. I swear have no idea how I used to drink OE all the time back when I was younger. The shit taste like homeless.


Start pouring the orange juice into the forty. The OJ should fill up to basically where the beer started. Now recap the forty and turn it upside down to mix the orange juice evenly. Remember to go slow while mixing… You’re trying to drink the forty, not wear the forty.



You’re all finished! Now go uncap that forty, and get funky with your Brass Monkey.


Surprisingly these “Beermosas” were actually pretty tasty. It was crazy how the OJ masked the hobo essences from the forty perfectly. I swear it tasted just like a mimosa made with Andre (Not great but still very drinkable). I could definitely see myself drinking it again. Brunch anyone?