HEINZ Introduces New Pickle-Flavored Ketchup

Photo: HEINZ


National Pickle Day is on November 14 and to celebrate, HEINZ is releasing its newest flavor, Pickle Ketchup. It’s a tangy and savory blend that’ll add the perfect twist to your cookout.

According to the company, pickles and HEINZ ketchup have been an iconic pairing for over 150 years. That makes the new Pickle Ketchup a no-brainer combo. In fact, pickle-flavored products are one of the top food trends of 2023 and pickle and ketchup combos have garnered over 9 million views on TikTok alone. One current trend actually involves fans expressing their undying love for the HEINZ brand. 

HEINZ Pickle Ketchup will be rolling out to stores nationwide this month.