This Tofu Wine Actually Makes For Healthy Alcohol And Makes Good Use of Food Waste

Those who may have avoided alcoholic beverages for health reasons may now be lured back to the dark side with a healthy tofu wine.

Researchers from the National University of Singapore were successful in creating an alcoholic beverage out of tofu whey, according to CNET.

The new drink was appropriately named Sachi, which means "blossoming wisdom" in Japanese, and is meant to compliment the beverage's sweet, fruity, and floral taste. Sachi's alcohol content is also pretty mild, clocking in at about seven to eight percent ABV, making it a delicate choice of beverage.


According to the same article, Sachi's creators say that the wine offers numerous health benefits such as high levels of calcium, probiotics, and even antioxidants called isoflavones that have shown to improve bone health, heart health, and prevent cancer.

One of Sachi's greatest contributions, however, is probably the fact that it helps eliminate waste. Sachi is made of leftover liquid tofu whey, which is created while making beancurd, and is often just thrown away. However, when this leftover liquid waste is used for alcohol, it generates economic revenue for these businesses.

I'm pretty convinced that health benefits and environmental consciousness is definitely enough reasons to drink. Cheers!