Footage Of This Nasty, Chunky Milk Will Remind You How Terrible School Lunches Are

If you miss your high school cafeteria lunches, you're either insane, or somehow had decent lunches served for you. If you're like most normal people, you remember how gross, soggy, and barely edible the food used to be.

It seems like that trend hasn't slowed down, as a video of some gloppy chocolate milk has gone viral, leaving people sick to their stomach.

You'd think the milk would be the one safe haven of the lunch options, but apparently not, as a high schooler in Catskill, New York took video of his chunky milk.


The video removed the original credit, probably to keep the kid from getting in trouble, but the footage is out there, and it's gross.

The Reddit post claims that the school has done nothing about it, but hopefully the health department was called, so at the very least, they can make sure everything is square at the school. And maybe we should encourage kids to be more proactive about this, they don't deserve to be eating this nastiness. Somebody should call the health department--maybe that somebody is you, here's the number for Greene County Health Dept 518-719-3600. No, seriously, that's the number. I'm sure they'd love to hear everyone's concern.

Schools should be serving decent food. Period.