Grillo's Pickle Bouquet is Perfect for Your Pickle-Loving Valentine

If you're of the lot that considers flowers and chocolate too predictable and boring for Valentine's Day, might I suggest this Pickle Bouquet from Grillo's Pickles?


For any pickle-lovin' Valentine, this sure would be the perfect gift to make them swoon. Grillo’s make-your-own Pickle Bouquet goes for $20 and will be available starting January 18.

The customizable Pickle Bouquet comes with a Grillo’s “free jar” coupon (so you can make more bouquets), 15 wooden skewers, a card and card holder, tissue paper and filler, custom Valentine’s Day label for a 32oz Grillo’s container and more. Delicious add ons can be cherry tomatoes, cheese cubes, and dill.

All kits can be purchased on while supplies last.