Gordon Ramsay Shares His Top 5 Steak Recipes You Can Make At Home

What better chef to learn how to make the perfect steak dish from than Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay?

The acclaimed celebrity chef recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showcasing his top five steak recipes that you can make at home. Each of the recipes has a unique twist from a classic recipe, and surprisingly, none of them are his signature Beef Wellington. Still, each of them look absolutely mouthwatering.

Ramsay's five unique steak recipes include:


The classic dish Steak Diane,

A pan-roasted Filet Mignon with gremolata,

Steak with a Tarragon and Tomato dressing,


Spicy Steak Salad,

and his ultimate take on the classic Steak Sandwich.

Chef Ramsay cooks basically all of these with Filet Mignon, but you can definitely use any other steak cooked to medium rare if you don't got the dough to shell out like he does.

I wish I had one of those steaks right now 'cause my mouth is salivating just watching them all get cooked to tender, juicy perfection.