Gordon Ramsay Nearly Screws Up During A Korean Cooking Show Challenge

Normally, Gordon Ramsay is the one putting chefs through high-pressure challenges that often result in mishaps. But it seems the tables have turned, as Chef Ramsay recently underwent a bout in the culinary gauntlet and nearly botched it.

Ramsay appeared on Korean cooking competition show Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator. There, he faced off against Korean chef Lee Yeon Bok in a 15-minute battle focused on thinly sliced brisket. The pair's dishes would be judged by Korean baseball player Oh Seung-Hwan to pick a winner.


Before the challenge even ends, though, Gordon Ramsay nearly screws up in his attempt to make crispy rice. As seen at the 9:53 mark in the video above, Ramsay uses a plate to make it, but half of the rice sticks and falls onto the stove once he removes the plate from the pan. While everyone in the room is aghast at the mishap, Ramsay quickly recovers, slicing the remaining rice into angled rectangles to place his vegetable-stuffed brisket rolls.

In the end, Oh Seung-Hwan ends up giving Ramsay the win, clearing him of the critical rice error. Seung-Hwan attributed Ramsay's adept usage of Korean flavors, which he didn't expect to see, as the reason for giving him the win.


Through this feat, Gordon Ramsay proves that even under pressure, he can think on the fly and still grit out a worthy dish.

Those interested in seeing Ramsay's entire appearance on the show, which includes some pretty savage insults, should watch the full length of both videos above.