Get Drunk and Have Fabulous Hair with The Hairbrush Flask


Looking for a discreet way to carry around the ol' booze? You always could go for the iFlask or the office professional FlaskTie. The thing is, you've gotta be strategic when sneaking around alcohol, and these gadgets don't quite cut it. But no one would ever suspect shots to be hidden in a hairbrush, which is why the Bev-Brush by Binocktails is a perfectly sneaky way to get drunky.

The genius invention is an actual hairbrush, equipped with a hidden 6 oz. shot holder and mini funnel. So basically, it's the ideal way to get your buzz on and look all classy with freshly-brushed hair. The ultimate win-win, people.

Bev-Brush, $22.09 @ Binocktails