Surgeon Carefully Makes A Fruit Roll-Up Empanada Filled With Gushers Juice


The Food Surgeon is making a name for himself for operating on the most random foods and making concoctions we never thought possible.

This time he's hitting us with nostalgia as he took two of our favorite sugar-filled candies, that you undoubtedly craved as a child, and masterfully fused them together.

The untrained surgeon took Fruit Roll-Ups, molded them kind of like empanadas and filled them with the juice inside a pack of Gushers candy.


This is a really sticky situation that should be left to professionals, but somehow, this dude tried it anyway.

We've seen the Food Surgeon put together some strange mashups before, like a Nutella-filled strawberry, and most recently some Cadbury creme-filled Peeps, so he's getting the hang of these surgeries.

Check out his video below as he uses his little surgeon tools slice, dice, stitch and mold these candies into an almost unbearable monster: