Fried-Chicken-In-a-Donut Shop is the Only Thing You'll Hear About Today


A spanking-new donut shop in Los Angeles is threatening to make our mouth holes weep in sheer joy. Located in West Hollywood, Glazed Donut Bistro doesn't only do the ambitious but threatens to run your basic glazed donut to extinction.

Those are reckless words, I know, but once you let your eyes drool on what they offer, you'll be thinking the same. Think beignets stuffed with fried chicken. Think jumbo shrimp served on a sweet long john with a side of fries. Think handcrafted vanilla cake donuts showered in Tutti Fruity cereal.

Actually, don't think. Just oggle breathlessly:

Shrimp Roll


"An abundance of lightly dressed jumbo shrimp, gently enhanced with fresh dill, taragon, and the crunch and zest of fresh celery, onions, and capers. Served on a lightly sweet long john with french fries or a salad."

Fried Chicken Beignet


"Beignet stuffed with housemade Fried Chicken. Served with a Spicy Honey Maple dipping sauce."

Monte Cristo


"The Monte Cristo is made with Black Forrest ham and gruyere that is sandwiched in our fluffy yeast raised donut dough.  Fried to a light golden brown and topped with powdered sugar and served with black currant dipping sauce."

Blackberry Mojito


"An entirely Grown Up Donut, this cocktail inspired edible experience has Moijto written all over it, literally.  We take a Bismark donut fill it with lime curd, and then dip it in our house-made Blackberry Mojito Glaze."

I’m Shipping Out to Boston Cream


"We take a handcrafted Bismark donut and fill it with a sweet vanilla pastry cream and then dip it in a rich Callebaut chocolate ganache and then garnish it with shaved flakes of white chocolate."


The Cremesicle


"This Popsicle inspiration is made with a yeast raised Bismark donut filled with house-made vanilla cream, and topped with a tangy blood orange glaze and then garnished with candied orange."

Tutti Fruity


"This handcrafted vanilla cake donut is dipped in a freshly made strawberry glaze and topped with ground Tutti Fruity cereal."

She Wore Lemon Meringue Delight


"We fill the donut with market fresh passion fruit curd and top it with a house-made bruleed Italian Meringue."


I Like Pina Coladas…


"This yeast raised donut is dipped in a tangy key lime glaze and topped with a rosette of rich coconut pastry cream and then garnished with lightly toasted, shredded coconut."

Bourbon Pecan Pie


"Inspired by the Southern Classic this yeast raised Donut is topped with a housemade Bourbon Pecan Glaze."

S’more Please

smore-donut"This fluffy Bismarck donut is filled with house-made marshmallow fluff and cream. Then this decadent treat is dipped in a rich, Callebaut chocolate ganache, and garnished with freshly made and crumbled graham cracker streusel, house-made marshmallows and striped with even more chocolate ganache."

Photos and item details courtesy of Glazed LA