Creamy Whipped Ranch in a Can is a Thing Thanks to This New Brand

Photo: Alamance Foods Inc.


Ranch dressing is the ubiquitous equalizer when it comes to making food better. I'll take it in any form, really. So when I saw a tweet from snack expert, Andrea Hernández of Snaxshot, putting us on to creamy whipped ranch in a can, best believe I was intrigued.

From what I can gather of the concept, think whipped cream in a can, but replace it with creamy ranch. Sign me up! The innovative new product is called Flip Whip, by Alamance Foods Inc., and comes in Creamy Ranch and Bleu Cheese flavors.

The product seems to be so new that it can only be bought at Woodman's Markets so far, according to the site. But hopefully that changes soon, because as beloved as ranch is, wider availability will satisfy many members of Team Ranch.