The Atlanta Falcons Actually Sell Affordable Food At Their Games, All Teams Should Follow

Sports fans, or people visiting any place of amusement, know the harsh feeling of dropping $120 on food that would cost about $30 anywhere else. From $7 hot dogs, to $21 Micheladas, spending a night watching a game can definitely cost you.

The NFL's Atlanta Falcons have been moving away from those ungodly food prices with their "Fan First Menu." Introducing the menu last year, they're bringing it back for the 2017 season, and the prices are pretty reasonable.


The fan-friendly menu has 12 different food items that you'd usually find at a stadium, with nothing priced over $6, according to ESPN's Darren Rovell.

For example, they have a $2 refillable Coca-Cola cup. As most have experienced, soft drinks at stadium events can often be in the $5 price range, and god-forbid you ask for a refill. Hell, they even have a refillable souvenir cup at $4. Yes, the big cups of soda in a plastic container that you can take home, and usually sell upwards of $10.


The most expensive thing on the menu is the chicken tenders basket with fries, priced at $6.

I know what you're thinking, they're going to get you with the beer, but you'd be wrong. A Bud Light draft beer is only $5. Sure, that's a lot for a Bud Light, but you can do a lot worse at a ballgame for that price.

Can honestly say I'm jealous of Falcons fans, as the other day I spent about $40 for a soggy Dodger Dog, pulled pork nachos that tasted terrible, garlic fries, and a regular soft drink at Dodger Stadium. Sports fans are loyal to their teams, and reluctantly pay for these expensive foods, but more stadiums should be this considerate. We've accepted high stadium prices as the norm, but if more places followed suit, I know I'd enjoy the games a lot more, knowing I didn't just get robbed by a concession stand.

Good job, Falcons. Any time you can go out, watch a game with the family, and spend less than $20 on food, that's a major win, even if your team blows a 28-3 lead.