Einstein Bros. Is Now Topping Their Bagels With Macaroni And Cheese

Apart from the rare pizza bagel, we're often stuck with the same old sesame seeds, jalapenos with cheddar, or other basic items when it comes to bagel toppings. Einstein Bros., however, just upped the innovation game surrounding the popular baked good with their newest item: Mac N Cheese Bagels.

mac n cheese bagels
Photo courtesy of Einstein Bros.


Each of these carbo-loaded creations comes with a mound of cheesy mac packed into the top part of the bagel prior to baking. Einstein Bros. could've made their own in-house mac n cheese to top on it, but decided to go a step further than that. They teamed up with Annie's, the popular boxed mac brand that often rivals Kraft, and used their version instead. If the macaroni on top of these bagels tastes familiar, now you know why.

You can order the bagels on their own with any schmear of your choice, but Einstein Bros. also has two new sandwiches coming out featuring the Mac N Cheese. These include a Cheesy Mac Breakfast sandwich with bacon, eggs, and cheddar, as well as a Cheesy Mac Lunch with ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

The two sandwich Mac N Cheese bagels will be on the menu for a limited time, although it's unclear when that will specifically end.  The bagels on their own will be available through the summer.